Passenger Regulations and Rules of Conduct - Terms of Service | Camber

Terms and Conditions


1.1 These rules are not intended to restrict the rights of anyone, but rather to ensure that all Passengers, as well as Camber and aircraft Air Carrier personnel, can expect to be safe and treated with dignity and respect at all times. If any Passenger engages in conduct that Camber considers improper, offensive or likely to risk endangering the safety of other Passengers or Camber or Air Carrier personnel, then such Passenger may be reprimanded and/or denied transportation. All determinations will be made in the sole discretion of Camber’s management.

1.2 If the conduct of Passenger or any guest of the Passenger endangers the Aircraft or any passenger, person or property while on board; obstructs or hinders the crew in the performance of their duties; fails to comply with any instruction or direction of the crew (whether oral or by notice), including, but not limited to, instructions concerning safety, security, seating, seat belts, smoking in any form (including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and similar devices) or use of drugs or alcohol, use of electronic equipment, including cellular telephones, laptop computers, PDAs, portable recorders, portable radios, CD, DVD, and P3 players, electronic games or transmitting devices; uses offensive, threatening, abusive or insulting words towards the Air Carrier crew or Camber personnel; behaves in a manner which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to the Air Carrier crew or Camber personnel, then the Air Carrier crew may take such measures as it deems necessary to prevent continuation of such conduct, including restraint, disembarkation of Passenger from the Aircraft and refusal to carry Passenger after a stopover or at any time in the future.

1.3 You agree to reimburse Camber for any costs incurred to (a) repair or replace property lost, damaged or destroyed Passenger; (b) compensate any passenger or Air Carrier crew affected by Passenger’s (or Passenger’s guests’) actions; and (c) to divert the Aircraft for purposes of removing Passenger from the Aircraft. We may also report your actions to any relevant police or enforcement authority whereby Passenger may be prosecuted for offenses committed aboard the Aircraft.

1.4 The following rules of conduct will be strictly enforced.

1.4.1 In accordance with the FAA rules and regulations, Camber prohibits its Passengers from consuming any alcoholic beverages during any Flight Service that are not provided in the minibar located on the Aircraft or served by a cabin server. Passengers shall not bring alcohol on board of the Aircraft for consumption during a Flight Service We reserve the right, at any time and for any reason, to refuse to serve alcohol or to withdraw alcohol served.

1.4.2 Camber has zero tolerance for transportation or use of narcotics and other controlled substances, such as drugs and drug paraphernalia, regardless of whether certain substances may be considered legal in any states.

1.4.3 The Air Carrier crew reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger who appears intoxicated or under the influence. Any passenger who is denied boarding because he or she is intoxicated or under the influence will not be entitled to a refund or alternative transportation.

1.4.4 Each Passenger can transport not more than $50,000 (or foreign equivalent) in cash on any shared flight. Passengers will be denied boarding if any of them are in possession of more than $50,000 (or foreign equivalent) in cash.

1.4.5 Passengers must be respectful of other Passengers and of Camber and Air Carrier personnel.

1.4.6 Camber has zero tolerance for any type of harassment or offensive behavior, including, but not limited to: (i) any kind of verbal or physical abuse, including abuse of Camber employees and representatives; (ii) any kind of threatening behavior (whether by hoax or otherwise) towards any person or property aboard the Aircraft; (iii) behavior which is likely to cause loss of or damage to Camber property or that of other persons aboard the Aircraft; (iv) any form of discrimination; (v) the use of profane language, gestures, insults or similar behavior; (vi) unwanted solicitation; (vii) loud or boisterous behavior; or (viii) creating strife, conflict or divisiveness within the Camber community.

1.4.7 Passengers must observe proper etiquette on all Flight Services arranged by Camber.

1.4.8 Passengers must maintain appropriate hygiene on all Flight Services. If someone’s hygiene is offensive to a reasonable passenger, then it would violate Camber’s rules of conduct.

1.4.9 While Camber does not have a specific dress code on flights, Passengers must wear appropriate attire on Shared Charter Flights. Shoes must be worn at all times on Shared Charter Flights. Sexually suggestive and other offensive clothing is prohibited.

1.4.10 Passengers must not cause damage to any Aircraft or to amenities on any Aircraft.

1.4.11 Passengers shall respect the privacy rights of other Passengers. No photos or videos may be taken of another passenger or shared on social media without the prior consent of such passenger.

1.4.12 Passengers have no authority to instruct or hinder Air Carrier crew or other third party personnel supporting the operation of the Aircraft in their job performance and duties.

1.4.13 Passengers must strictly adhere to all policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the Air Carrier.

1.5 Camber, in collaboration with Air Carrier crew members, will strictly enforce these rules of conduct. If a Passenger violates any of the rules outlined above or any other Charter Terms, Camber or the Air Carrier shall have a right to deny boarding to such Passenger, in which case, the applicable cancellation fees listed in the Charter Terms will apply. Passengers are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Camber shall not be responsible for alternative transportation if a Passenger or their guest is denied boarding due to the violation of any of these rules of conduct or any other Charter Terms.


2.1 Camber reserves for itself and for each Air Carrier the right to subject Passenger and Passenger’s baggage to security screening and neither Camber, Air Carrier nor ours or their employees or agents are liable for any damage, loss, delay (including refusal to transport), confiscation of property, injury, or other harm relating to or arising out of security screening or Passenger’s refusal to submit to security screening. Furthermore, Passenger must allow security checks, searches, and scans of Passenger’s person by Air Carrier or its handling agents, government officials, airport officials, police or military officials, and if Passenger does not allow all such security checks, searches, and scans to be conducted, Camber or Air Carrier may refuse to carry Passenger and/or Passenger’s baggage.

2.2 Passenger may not carry in its baggage any items or goods that may constitute firearms or weapons except in accordance with applicable federal laws and regulations, or any other materials Camber or Air Carrier believes in its sole discretion may endanger the Aircraft, Air Carrier, its crew, or other passengers. Guidance on applicable federal regulations is available upon request.

2.3 Federal law forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard Aircraft. Hazardous materials include explosives, compressed gases including oxygen, flammable/combustible liquids and solids, oxidizers and organic peroxides, poisons, radioactive material, corrosive material, magnetized material, medical/scientific pharmaceuticals with potential infectious agent, undeclared dry ice, undeclared lithium batteries, undeclared self-defense spray, undeclared C02 cartridges, undeclared mercury and undeclared large voltage batteries or spillable batteries.

2.4 Passenger must comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations while aboard any Flight Service organized by Camber on Passenger’s behalf.


3.1 Passenger and Passenger’s guests may not access or approach an Aircraft without accompaniment of a member or employee of the flight staff of the Air Carrier.

3.2 Passenger must proceed directly to the Aircraft from the FBO in connection with boarding the Aircraft and to the FBO when disembarking from the Aircraft. Any deviation from this required method of boarding or disembarking may result in your being prohibited to board or reboard the Aircraft.

3.3 Upon arrival Passenger will need to disembark from the Aircraft no later than fifteen minutes following the arrival of the Aircraft at the arrival FBO.