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Survey Says? Pets Love Private Jets.

Chartering a private flight is a great option for many types of trips, but is an especially great option for pet owners who need, and want, to travel with a furry (sometimes feathery) companion. While there are certainly options for people to fly commercially with a pet, they do not lend to the same peace of mind you gain by bringing them onboard a private jet.

Speak with a Flight Advisor About Bringing Your Pet Onboard
Private Air Travel for Pets: Flying with Pets

In-Cabin Cuddle Time 

Unlike a commercial flight, flying with pets on a private flight allows you to have your dog or cat out, and in your lap, on the floor, or even in their own seat during the duration of the journey. If you think Rover likes looking out the window of your car, imagine how he will feel staring out at the wide open sky outside your private charter. It is important to note though, that as much as operators love having pets onboard, if they have an accident, or turn anything into a chew toy, there are additional cleaning/damage fees. 

Flying with Pets is a Walk in the Park 

When you choose to fly privately with your pets, you can enjoy not only in-cabin time with them, but a simpler boarding experience and general ease of travel. You never have to worry how your pet is fairing in the cargo hold and you can enjoy not having to wait in long lines, or dealing with stretches in the airport where your pet cannot stretch his/her legs. Pets who have anxiety while traveling will be forever grateful for being able to stay close to your side during the whole flight and loading/de-boarding process. 

Booking Your Next Private Flight? Don’t Forget Kitty

Flying with pets privately provides pet owners with a hassle-free way to travel with a dog, cat, or even bird, with less stress than a commercial flight. While it is ultimately at the operator’s discretion, what type and quantity of pets are allowed on any given flight, it is largely an option for most people’s situations. Whether you are taking a vacation, moving your pets across the country, or want to have a simpler flying experience with your service animal, private charter is the way to go. Pets want to get right to the good stuff too, and we are here to help. Reach out today if you run into any questions about private air travel for pets with Camber.