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Flying Private: Parent + Kid Approved.

Do you want to get away but the dread of traveling with children is keeping you from booking that dream vacation? It’s every parent’s nightmare to have that kid on the plane that’s throwing the tantrum or just won’t settle. Can’t you almost feel the judgment in the eyes of those sitting around you, right now? We get it. The extra luggage, long waits, interrupted naps, and extended layovers can put a lot of stress on what should be an enjoyable event. The good news is that with Camber, we can eliminate most, if not all, of that stress that comes with family travel.

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Book a Private Jet for Family Travel

You Are in Control

As parents, we understand you have many schedules to plan around, often making finding the perfect commercial flight rather difficult. When you choose to fly private with Camber, we plan around your schedule. Your flight is fully in your control - so much so that even if you’re running late, your aircraft will wait for you. You can think of flying private as one big cut to the front of every line. There is no security line, no long wait times, no fighting over parking, no overcrowded terminals, and no reason for tired, cranky kids. Your personal private jet will be on-time, clean, and ready for your arrival.

No Skipped Naps

Another huge perk for families who choose to book a private jet is the level of comfort for their kids. Relax and enjoy your flight knowing that your children can roam freely, play games, and even comfortably take a nap. Also, as you can imagine, a private bathroom makes the experience that much more convenient.

Snacks on Deck

Do your kids seem to be bottomless pits, always needing snacks? When you book a private jet with Camber, we make sure our galleys are stocked with an assortment of snacks and refreshments (yes, even adult beverages can be provided!). We can also accommodate special requests and help you coordinate catering for the flight. Elevate your family travel experience even more by sharing a gourmet meal in the sky.

An Experience for the Whole Family

Here at Camber, the focus is always on you and your experience. We aim to tailor each flight to each individual's specific needs to ensure that their time in the sky is nothing short of spectacular. When it comes to family travel, no one does it better. So skip the dread of flying commercially with children and book a private jet with Camber. Explore your options using our online booking tool and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We look forward to being a part of many memories your family creates on your next vacation.