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Who Can Benefit from Private Jet Services?

Truthfully? Everyone. However, while we recognize that private charters are largely beneficial to many, there are a few segments of people that flying private just makes sense for and can quite honestly change their lives.

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Private Jet Services & Aircraft Charter with Camber


There is no doubt that flying privately eliminates many stressors, as well as many germs. Both the elderly, as well as those who are immunocompromised, can gain their freedom of travel back by embarking on an aircraft charter with Camber. Not only will they avoid large crowds, excessive walking, and public restrooms and transportation, but we also go above and beyond to ensure that our aircrafts are cleaned to the nines. Safety is of the utmost importance and if this is a concern for you, please do not hesitate to reach out so we can address these concerns and make sure that your flight meets all of your needs. By using private jet services, life no longer has to be put on hold to stay safe. Read more on we can help with private jet services for the elderly and private jet services for the immunocompromised.

Parents and Children

You love them, we know you do, but that doesn’t mean that kids don’t make traveling difficult. With Camber, you can maintain nap times, keep them fed with an assortment of snacks and dining options, and provide an overall more comfortable experience for your children. And let's be real, your sanity will benefit greatly from flying private too. Read more on how we can help with private jet services for children.

Pet Owners

Commercial airlines tend to be extremely strict on flying with a pet, only accepting a certain weight limit as well as certain animal/breed restrictions. When you choose an aircraft charter, all pets are welcome no matter the shape or size! Pets are family and deserve an exceptional experience in the skies as well. Read more on how we can help with private jet services for pets.

Those Needing More Assistance

Need a little extra help? No problem! With ample space and a tailored experience, we will make sure that those that need extra assistance or medical equipment have all that they need on their flight and are as comfortable as possible. Board your aircraft charter without a long trek through the airport with a wheelchair or other equipment and get to your destination quickly and stress-free.

Let Camber Take the Stress Out of Flying 

The reality is that flying commercially presents lots of issues for many people. The good news is that Camber provides solutions and a customer focused approach that can change this course for the better. If you are ready to take the skies and get right to the good stuff, browse our current flight itineraries here. As always, our flight advisors are on standby should you have any questions about our private jet services.