Camber and Charter Operators

Camber and Charter Operators

A partnership built on trust for long-term growth.

As the only online charter booking platform that works solely in the best interest of clients and operators, we know the importance of a great partnership that works for the long-term.

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Camber and Charter Operators

Why do charter clients trust Camber?

Since 2012, we’ve enabled charter clients to search real-time pricing and instantly book charter aircraft. By delivering a great customer experience and consistently exceeding expectations, we’ve grown steadily through customer referral to more than 4,000,000 passenger miles per year.

Instant booking with guaranteed pricing based on real-time positioning.

Every itinerary search on Camber is powered by our machine learning pricing algorithm enabling charter customers to get guaranteed real-time pricing and instantly book charter aircraft. Our clients are ecstatic to be rid of lead forms, quote requests and cumbersome booking processes.

Significant savings through reduced repositioning.

The Camber machine learning pricing algorithm connects directly to the scheduling systems of great charter operators to find the ideal aircraft that is ideally positioned for an itinerary, significantly saving on repositioning costs (average of 12% savings). We call this an Ideal Position Price.

Software makes it simple. People make it special. No membership required.

Our concierge team is available every step of the way, from recommending the best aircraft for a mission based on passengers, pets and parcels to coordinating your catering and ground transportation with the FBO. With Camber, charter clients get our complete concierge support without the membership fee.

Instant Booking. Guaranteed.

When a client books on, they are seeing real quotes based on real-time fleet schedules with guaranteed pricing and guaranteed recovery.

Instant Booking with Ideal Position Price

Smarter Routing Saves Money

By selecting the ideally positioned aircraft for each itinerary, clients realize an average of 12% savings on bookings costs.

Reduced Repositioning Lowers Costs

Why do charter operators trust Camber?

We’re uniquely aligned with the interests of great charter operators who want to find great charter clients, and we understand what it takes to build a business that works for the long haul.

Confirmed, and paid-in-full clients only.

No more endless quote requests for price shoppers and tire kickers. Only after a client books and pays for their charter flight on Camber do we engage our charter operators to place the booking based on fleet positioning. Ask a charter operator you know and they will tell you... "When Camber calls, it’s gold."

The best routes for your fleet.

We do not operate an in-house fleet to save the most lucrative routes for ourselves. 100% of our charter bookings are placed with our hand-vetted Part 135 charter operators based on fleet positioning, ensuring a steady stream of profitable business for great charter operators.

Work smarter, not harder.

Our sourcing team controls costs by selecting the aircraft that is ideally positioned for an itinerary, significantly reducing repositioning costs for charter clients. As opposed to typical charter brokers, jet cards and membership programs, we never have to “beat down” charter operators on pricing to ensure profitability.

We enable sustainable, long-term growth.

By focusing our efforts on selecting ideally positioned aircraft, we provide best-in-market pricing for charter clients while providing important benefits to charter operators interested in sustainable, long-term growth:

  • Increased bookings - Our real-time pricing algorithm can match charter clients with idle time and empty legs on an aircraft’s schedule that otherwise would go to waste.
  • Increased profitability - Reduced repositioning means more of an aircraft’s operating hours are spent delivering value to clients, not flying around empty.
  • Less time wasted - By only working with confirmed, paid-in-full clients, we avoid the wasteful quote fatigue that takes valuable time away from office staff.
  • Happier crews - Less time idling away from home and waiting to fill an empty leg means more time at home for flight crews.
  • Environmental impact - No one wins when planes fly empty for repositioning, and certainly not the environment. Every pound of jet fuel saved is nearly 7 pounds of carbon dioxide that won’t be wastefully released into the air.

Because Camber (formerly SimpleCharters) is already holding payment from the customer and has a good idea about the wholesale price, Rennia Aviation closes more than 20% of Camber's quote requests. The typical close rate for requests that come via the standard marketplace channels is 1.5%-to-3%.

Forbes, May 5, 2021
Camber and Rennia Aviation in Forbes

How does it work?

Chances are you’ve already received a charter booking from Camber, or you know an operator who has. If you didn’t know any better, you might confuse us with a typical broker, except we have a significantly higher conversion rate, happier clients and happier staff.

How is the guaranteed pricing determined?

Currently our pricing algorithm is 90% accurate (e.g., 9 out of 10 bookings are successfully and profitably sourced at the price determined by the algorithm).

For the 1 out of 10 bookings we receive that the algorithm price was incorrect (e.g,. the eligible aircraft were all not available or were all out of position, requiring a further away aircraft to reposition farther than estimated to complete the trip), the real work behind the scenes at Camber begins.

When all of the aircraft selected by our pricing algorithm prove unavailable (e.g., under maintenance, no crew available, away from estimated position, or otherwise unavailable), our immediate concern is making sure our booked client has a successful trip. We quickly engage our client with 1 of 2 options:

  1. We can broaden the search for aircraft that are not as well positioned but are available with crew to do the trip. Unfortunately, this increases the cost to reposition the aircraft. In this scenario, we provide the trip to our client at cost (e.g, we make no profit), but we work just as hard to make sure they have a successful trip. 
  2. We can 100% refund the booking with no penalty.

Almost always, our clients understand and appreciate our efforts to make sure they have a successful trip even if the repositioning costs are higher than was originally expected. Once our client's needs are met, we get to work behind the scenes improving the algorithm for the future.

How does the pricing algorithm get more accurate over time?

We have two primary ways of improving our algorithm's accuracy over time:

  1. Improving availability and positioning predictions
  2. Improving pricing predictions

For the availability and positioning component of our machine learning algorithm, our system is constantly monitoring live air traffic patterns to make both long-term (e.g., seasonal) and short-term (e.g., next 72 hours) predictions on which aircraft are likely to be available to do trips and where they are most likely to inbound reposition from prior to a trip, followed by where they are most likely to outbound reposition to after completing a trip. Every day our system gets smarter and more accurate for predicting which charter aircraft are likely to be available, and what repositioning will likely be required to complete a trip.

For the pricing component of the machine learning algorithm, every quote we receive from a charter operator is analyzed to understand how they would like to price their aircraft. Taking into account likely positioning, peak vs non peak, or other aircraft specific or operator specific business practices, we update our pricing model to accurately reflect how the operator would like to price their aircraft. Every day our system gets smarter and more accurate at predicting pricing for charter aircraft.

Increasing bookings 300-500% from Camber with schedule integration

When you connect your forward-looking fleet schedule in your Flight Management Software (FMS) to Camber, you enable our algorithm to find the ideal charter bookings for your fleet’s scheduled positioning. This enables you to fill in idle time between trips, replace existing scheduled repositioning with paid bookings for compatible routes, and fill empty legs without additional effort from your office staff.

In turn, by reducing repositioning costs for clients, we dramatically increase the conversion rate for bookings for routes where your fleet is ideally positioned. The net effect is 300-500% growth in bookings from Camber, and significantly improved profitability.

What information does Camber collect from my schedule?

We analyze tail numbers, scheduled departure and arrival times, departure and arrival airport codes, and event types (e.g., Part 135 trip, Part 91 trip, maintenance event, etc.). We do not access any personally identifiable information for customers, passengers or crew.

How do I connect my FMS with Camber?

Most FMS integrations can be enabled with either an email to your vendor, or clicking a button in the FMS application. Most integrations are completed the same day of inquiry.

What costs or fees are required to connect my FMS to Camber?

We do not charge access or licensing fees to connect your FMS to Camber. Some FMS vendors do charge an additional fee to connect to third parties via API, though this is rare.

How do I get started?

We’ll walk you through the simple process and make sure you successfully connect your schedule to Camber.

  1. Schedule a 20 minute call with us to review your fleet and make sure each tail has passed our vetting process, and review the technical steps required to integrate your specific FMS.
  2. Sign our Data Sharing and Confidentiality Agreement, confirming that we keep your schedule information in strict confidence and will not share it with anyone without your permission.
  3. Turn on integration with your FMS vendor, often as simple as sending your vendor an email or clicking a button in your FMS application.
  4. Enjoy increased charter bookings with less effort at greater profit.
  5. Optional: Dynamic yield management - We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t to grow a viable charter operation. If you’re interested in turning on dynamic pricing to maximize yield, we can enable dynamic pricing based on your unique business requirements.

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