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Glossary of Terms

If you are doing a charter flight search, there are several private aviation terms to be familiar with to fully understand your needs and the differences between the private jet booking services available. If you need to find private flights, check out our easy-to-use search feature and start planning your next trip today. For more information, or questions about a flight, reach out to one of our flight advisors. View the full glossary of terms for private aviation.

Searching for private charter flights.

Air Charter Operator

The party responsible for the safety, maintenance, operations, and licensing of an aircraft on behalf of the aircraft’s owner. The operator may or may not be the owner of the aircraft.

Carbon Offset

Carbon offsets are available to purchase as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A single carbon offset is equivalent to a reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide.

Empty Legs/Deadheads

These flights are used to reposition an aircraft and contain no passengers. By booking a one-way, empty leg flight, customers chartering this private flight can expect to pay less than a traditional private charter.

Fractional Ownership

As it relates to private air travel, an individual can purchase part of an aircraft and become a fractional owner. Fractional ownership allows the individual to have interests in an aircraft that is operated as part of a company’s fleet and are able to use the aircraft on a pay-by-the-hour-(or day)-basis. Fractional owners will also pay a fee to the fractional management company that operates the asset on their behalf.

Jet Card

A jet card is a way to charter a private flight by pre-paying into a company’s program. An entry-level jet card will typically require a deposit of $100,000 to $150,000 and buys you between 10 and 25 hours of flight time.

Jet Charter

The term used to describe hiring a crew and renting an aircraft for private air travel. 

Jet Charter Broker

An agent that works on behalf of a customer’s interests to charter a private jet by collaborating with aircraft operators and other service providers.

Private Jet

A private jet is an aircraft that is owned by a private individual or operator.

Private Jet Charter

A private jet charter is the process of hiring a private jet to use for a specific purpose including business or personal travel.

Private Jet Membership

Some companies offer private jet memberships, which require customers to pay an annual fee to unlock private aviation services. Each membership has different stipulations regarding the type of jet you can access, as well as additional fees for other amenities.

Shared Flights

A private jet can be chartered at a lower rate when you book a shared flight. Shared flights allow you to purchase a seat on a scheduled private jet flight, rather than charter the entire aircraft for your trip.

Whole Plane vs. Individual Seats

When searching for a private jet flight, you will want to determine whether you want to charter the whole plane or purchase individual seats. While purchasing individual seats can reduce your total costs, searching and comparing prices on SimpleCharters may allow you to charter a whole plane without paying more.

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