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Glossary of Terms

Flying is one of the safest modes of transportation and there are several key terms and agencies to know about when it comes to air travel and charter flight safety. When you are looking to fly private, you can trust Camber. We have a commitment to safety and only partner with operators that have passed stringent safety audits. All pilots have completed a background check and have years of flight experience. Reach out to our team today to learn more! View the full glossary of terms for private aviation.

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Approach Minimums

Approach minimums occur when the aircraft has reached the minimum altitude to land. At this point, the pilot must make the decision to land on the runway or go around and re-approach for landing.


ARGUS refers to both ARGUS International and its rating system, of the same name, for aircraft operators. As a specialized aviation services company, ARGUS provides ratings, reports, and other data to help people make informed decisions about who they fly with for charter.

Chief Pilot

The chief pilot is in charge of overseeing flight and ground crew to ensure they are in compliance with federal and state laws, as well as federal aviation regulations.

Contaminated Runway

This term refers to a runway that is covered with standing water, loose snow, compacted ice and snow, or slush, with at least 25% of the surface area covered.


The FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, is a subset of the U.S. Department of Transportation and regulates operations of air commerce, aircraft, air traffic control, airports, and navigable airspace throughout the nation.


The rules put in place by the FAA are known as the Federal Aviation Regulations, or FAR. All air carriers, pilots, and operators that work in the U.S. must adhere to the FAR.

FlightSafety International

FlightSafety International is an aviation training company that was founded in 1951. They have a team of instructors providing courses in aviation safety training and manufacture advanced flight simulators to help provide realistic training experiences. 


IFR, or Instrument Flight Rules, and VFR, or Visual Flight Rules, are the rules laid out by the FAA for operating any type of aircraft. Both rules apply to how pilots must operate the plane depending on the weather conditions. IFR requires a smaller ceiling above ground and shorter visibility, while VFR requires a larger ceiling and greater visibility.  


IMC stands for instrument meteorological conditions and VMC stands for visual meteorological conditions. These terms are related to the meteorological conditions during a flight and are the basis for a pilot to decide whether to use IFR or VFR.


The IS-BAO is the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations created by the International Business Aviation Council. These standards are codes laid out for flight operations to ensure that safety and professionalism is maintained during all flights.


The NBAA, or National Business Aviation Association, was established in 1947 and maintains the environment that promotes successful business aviation both nationally and internationally.

Recurrent Training

To ensure pilots are always improving their skillset, maintaining safety protocols, and learning new practices, they are required to attend recurrent training. These refresher courses are completed on a regular basis throughout the year and some are done annually or biannually. Recurrent training generally includes written and practical evaluations and are often completed in person and online. The FAA regulates the ongoing schedule in which recurrent training must be completed.

Runway Minimums

The minimum length a runway must be for a given size of aircraft to land on safely is known as the runway minimum.

Time in Type

Time in type is the amount of hours a pilot has been at the controls of a certain type of aircraft.

Type Ratings

A type rating is the standard required by the FAA for pilots to operate particular types of aircraft.


Wyvern is a consulting firm that offers aircraft safety auditing to operators in the U.S.

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