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Glossary of Terms

Camber is the most convenient option for private flight booking in the industry. Our search platform is unlike any other and allows you to book a private jet online without hassle. Many of our competitors require membership fees, but limit your aircraft options and available booking days. With Camber, our prices are shown in real-time, meaning what you see is what you pay. We have no upfront costs, no hidden fees, and no black out days. Questions? Contact our team of flight advisors today to learn more. View the full glossary of terms for private aviation.

Booking private charter flights.

Black Out Days

Some private jet operators, memberships, and jet cards have black out days. These are days that your options are limited or unavailable for chartering a private flight. These days often occur during busy seasons or on holidays. When you book with SimpleCharters, you can enjoy maximum flexibility as we do NOT have black out days.


When there is a buildup of ice on an aircraft, the plane will require deicing. This process uses a heated mixture of chemicals, sprayed at high pressure, to remove ice from the tail, nose, and wings of the aircraft. When flying in colder months, it is important to remember that deicing may be required prior to your flight and will incur an additional fee.


FET, or federal excise tax, is a tax that is imposed on certain services, activities, and goods. This is assessed on all transportation of people in the United States and within 225 miles of its borders in Canada and Mexico on both private charter and commercial airline flights. As of 2021, it’s 7.5% of the total cost.

Flight Advisor

A Camber flight advisor is a dedicated member of our customer care team that assists customers with finding the right flight and aircraft to meet their travel needs. Our flight advisors are here to help you not only book a private charter, but can also assist with any other help you need to make your trip a success.

Heavy Jet

A heavy jet is an aircraft that has a minimum takeoff weight of 40,001-90,000 lbs. Examples of heavy jets include the Bombardier Challenger 600, the Dassault Falcon 900, and the Gulfstream G-II/III/IV.

Ideal Position Price

Depending on the location of a given aircraft, Camber can offer our Ideal Position Price for certain flights. When plane positioning allows, we can offer many popular routes with substantial savings for our customers.

Light Jet

A light jet is a small jet that can carry up to eight passengers, with a maximum takeoff weight of 10,001-20,000 lbs. Examples of light jets include the Beechcraft Premier, the Learjet 35, and the Cessna Citation II Bravo.

Midsize Jet

Midsize jets can carry small groups of people further distances than a light jet. Depending on size, the maximum takeoff weight for a midsize jet is between 20,001-30,000 lbs. Examples of midsize jets include the Cessna Citation Excel, the Hawker 800, and the Gulfstream G-150.


Positioning refers to the location of an aircraft, after it leaves its originating airport. Repositioning is when an aircraft must leave its current location to be made available to passengers departing from a different location.

Real-Time Pricing

Unlike memberships and jet cards, the pricing on Camber is shown in real-time. Real-time pricing allows us to deliver the lowest cost for a given flight based on route, plane positioning, and availability.


Recovery is the process that occurs when an aircraft experiences an unexpected maintenance event and a new aircraft is procured for your trip. SimpleCharters offers guaranteed recovery, ensuring your trip is not canceled unexpectedly.

Segment Fees

Segment fees are charges required for every passenger per occupied leg of a flight in the U.S.


Turboprops are smaller aircraft that use a jet engine that is powered by a turbine driven propeller. Turboprops come in a range of sizes and some examples include the Piper M500, the Cessna 208 Caravan, and the Piaggio Avanti.

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