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Gulfstream G650

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Gulfstream G650

If there was ever an apex of the business jet world, it may be Gulfstream’s current flagship, the G650. Winner of aviation’s prestigious Collier Trophy in 2014, the G650 is currently Gulfstream’s largest and fastest business charter aircraft in passenger service. With more than 400 copies sold, there is no doubt of its unparalleled performance and beauty, inside and out. While Gulfstream’s larger G700 will soon hit the skies, the Gulfstream G650 will also be near the top.

Gulfstream G650 Exterior Photos

Gulfstream G650 Interior Photos

The moment one steps aboard the G650, they are met with Gulfstream’s blend of contemporary style and classic comforts. It can carry up to 18 passengers in its super-large cabin that measures 46’10” long, 8’2” wide, and 6’2” tall for a total of 2,138 cubic feet. The cabin can be broken into 4 distinct zones, or “living areas” as Gulfstream calls them. These areas can include a bedroom, dining room, entertainment lounge, and executive office. The 100% fresh air and lowest cabin altitude in the industry means that guests arrive rested and refreshed while 16 large oval windows fill the cabin with natural light and provide an unbeatable view from 40,000 feet. In the forward galley, there is hot and cold running water, an oven, a microwave, cold storage, and a coffee machine. It is capable of providing everything from snacks and cocktails to gourmet, multi-course meals. The fully enclosed lavatories in the front and back of the Gulfstream G650 include full-size closets for coats and garment bags. Entertainment is covered by the onboard WiFi, CD/DVD player, large flat screens throughout the cabin, and headphone jacks at each seat.

Gulfstream G650 Interior

Length: 53'7"
Width: 8'6"
Height: 6'5"
Volume: 2,138' cu
Luggage Volume: 195' cu

Gulfstream G650 Exterior

Length: 93'8"
Wingspan: 99'7"
Height: 25'8"

Gulfstream G650 Performance

Range: 6,520 nm
Ceiling: 51,000' 
Max cruising speed: 561 mph
Takeoff Distance: 6,285' 

Note that the performance characteristics for specific aircraft may differ due to tail or operator specific differences or restrictions.

Ideal Routes

Being the aircraft currently holding Gulfstream’s title for being able to fly the farthest and fastest, there aren’t too many places the G650 can’t go. All that said, its large size may exclude some airports with short runways, but those that count can all comfortably accommodate the Gulfstream G650. In fact, when Gulfstream was designing the G650, they made sure to keep it under 100,000 pounds, that way, it can still access airports that restrict aircraft to this weight limit, including Aspen and Santa Ana. At the same time, the G650’s incredible range of nearly 7,000 miles means that it can easily take guests between cities such as Chicago to Moscow, San Francisco to Beijing, and New York to Rio de Jannero.

Maximum Gulfstream G650 Range

The maximum range of a Gulfstream G650 based in KTEB is shown below. Actual range will vary by number of passengers, baggage and weather conditions.

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