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Ultra long range jets available for charter from Camber include the Gulfstream G650, the Dassault Falcon 7X and the Bombardier Global Express. All charter aircraft and charter operators are hand-vetted for safety, reliability and customer experience.

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If there ever was a private jet that checked all your boxes, it might be an ultra long range jet. Holding up to 17 passengers and equipped with ample space to enjoy a full meal or simply relax, these aircrafts bring 5 stars to the sky. Though its name may give it away, you might be surprised that although these jets are quite large, ultra long range jets are still able to travel a remarkable distance of up to 7,000 nautical miles. This means there is no sacrifice of comfort to go the extra mile on those longer trips.


When you choose ultra long range jets you should prepare to be pampered with the many amenities that are typically readily available onboard your flight. Some of these may include:

  • A fully enclosed lavatory (sometimes even multiple)
  • “Zoned” cabin that may have a bedroom, workspace, and lounging area
  • Satellite phone capabilities and WiFi
  • Flat screen monitors for your audio/video entertainment
  • Standing room up to 6’2” tall and 8” wide
  • A galley fit for a gourmet meal that may include an espresso maker, a microwave, and/or a convection oven, (etc.)

Is an Ultra Long Range Jet Right for My Trip?

Do you have a big family or a big celebration that must rightfully take its place in the skies? Ultra long range jets may be the perfect method of travel for you!  With plenty of space to eat, sleep, and be merry, these jets make getting everyone together a breeze. Many of the seats can be converted to beds, so you can catch up on some sleep while you travel safely to your destination. An ultra long range jet perfectly marries comfort, and performance, making your next private jet flight one for the books. 

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When you are ready to embark to the skies with an experience like none before, Camber is here to make it happen. We strive to bring you the utmost convenience along with exceptional service so that you can focus on what really matters.  A flight advisor is on standby ready to speak with you, or better yet, feel free to head on over to our website to book private charter flights online. We look forward to playing a part in your stress-free private charter journey.

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