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Turboprops available for charter from Camber include the Pilatus PC-12 and King Air 350. All charter aircraft and charter operators are hand-vetted for safety, reliability and customer experience.

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When one considers private air travel, most often they are thinking about jet airplanes. However, you may be surprised to learn that often, passengers choose turboprop aircraft over jets. Why the consistent rise? Let’s dive into the differences and benefits of flying on turboprops.

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A turboprop’s primary advantage is its efficiency and lower costs when compared to jets. When looking at a turboprop, the most noticeable feature are the propellers driven by turbine engines whereas jet aircraft are powered by the turbine itself. This means that turboprops need less fuel and less maintenance, amounting to lower charter costs. Therefore, turboprops are often the most economical choice for shorter trips.


Another advantage that turboprops offer are their ability to access smaller airports that often have short runways. This means that airports in rural areas as well as space-constrained “downtown” airports are far more accessible with the short field performance that a turboprop provides. This level of accessibility provides you with precision travel, allowing you to get really close to your exact destination, by landing at an airport that jets can’t.

Is a Turboprop Right for My Trip?  

Although they can fly much further, a turboprop’s sweet-spot really sits in its ability to complete trips under 500 miles in nearly the same time that a jet can. For longer trips, much of the hourly cost savings is lost in the longer flight time and jets become a better choice. Turboprops are perfect if you are transporting small groups of people, for a short distance, such as for a family vacation, golf trip, business trip, and more. Unlike large jets, Turboprops are the ideal aircraft for traveling to: 

  • Downtown Airports 
  • Rural Airports
  • Hard to Reach Destinations  

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When you are looking for a cost efficient flight for a shorter distance, a turboprop is likely the best option. Here at Camber, we specialize in easy-to-book and luxurious turboprop flights to many different destinations. Interested in booking private charter flights? Browse our site for current routes or speak to a Camber flight advisor today!

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