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Beechcraft Hawker 1000

Super Midsize Jet

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Beechcraft Hawker 1000

​​Back in 1961, it was never expected that what was first developed as the de Havilland Dragon would still be flying the skies as the modern Beechcraft Hawker 1000. It is the largest of the immensely popular Hawker family that includes the 700, 800, 800XP, and 900. As the “big brother” of the ultra-successful series, there was no doubt that it would be a hit. For a midsize charter aircraft, the Hawker 1000 has the impressive capability to complete intercontinental trips, while still being nimble enough to utilize smaller airports with shorter runways.

Beechcraft Hawker 1000 Exterior Photos

Beechcraft Hawker 1000 Interior Photos

Offering 634 cubic feet of space, the Hawker 1000’s cabin stretches 24’4” long, 6” wide, and 5’8” tall. A typical configuration includes seating for 8-9 in a layout featuring club style seats, a 3-person divan, and individual forward and side-facing seats. New models of the Hawker 1000 have the biomorphic design, which increases passenger space and comfort through seamless paneling and innovative curves. The 7 windows on each side of the fuselage bathe the interior in natural light while the pressurization keeps the cabin at sea level while flying at up to 22,000 feet. This higher cabin pressurization means more comfort during and less fatigue after a flight. Like any self-respecting super midsize jet, the Hawker 1000 includes a fully enclosed lavatory in the aft section and an expanded refreshment center/mini galley just behind the flight deck.

Beechcraft Hawker 1000 Interior

Length: 24'5"
Width: 6'
Height: 4'3"
Volume: 680' cu
Luggage Volume: 50' cu

Beechcraft Hawker 1000 Exterior

Length: 52'9"
Wingspan: 51'4"
Height: 17'1"
External Luggage: 22' cu

Beechcraft Hawker 1000 Performance

Range: 2970 nm
Ceiling: 43,000' 
Normal cruising speed: 506 mph
Takeoff Distance: 5950' (sea level)

Note that the performance characteristics for specific aircraft may differ due to tail or operator specific differences or restrictions.

Ideal Routes

With a range of over 3,000 miles and a maximum cruising altitude of 43,000 feet, the Hawker 1000 is more than capable of transcontinental and intercontinental trips such as Sacramento to Providence or Vancouver to Mexico City. At the same time, its capacity and performance also lend itself to larger groups on regional business trips throughout the continental U.S. like Teterboro to Detroit or Austin to San Antonio. With such respectable operational performance, the Hawker 1000 needs less than 6000 feet of runway when taking off with a full load at sea level.

Maximum Beechcraft Hawker 1000 Range

The maximum range of a Beechcraft Hawker 1000 based in KMKC is shown below. Actual range will vary by number of passengers, baggage and weather conditions.

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