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Cessna Citation Longitude

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Cessna Citation Longitude

When Cessna set out to design and develop the Citation Longitude, they did so with the goal of combining best-in-class cabin experience, intercontinental range, and low operating costs. With the all-new type hitting the skies in 2019, it is Cessna’s newest and most advanced business jet. While much of the aircraft is completely fresh, it draws upon Cessna’s previous successes such as having the same cabin cross section as its smaller hangar-mate, the Citation Latitude. While it may have the Latitude’s cabin cross-section, the Longitude’s cabin is quite a bit longer and capable of carrying more passengers and with a higher payload. As Cessna’s current flagship aircraft, it is outfitted with an extremely advanced flight deck and a passenger cabin featuring the most up-to-date amenities.

Cessna Citation Longitude Exterior Photos

Cessna Citation Longitude Interior Photos

Of all the upgrades and modernization of the entire aircraft, it is in the passenger cabin where the Citation Longitude truly shines. The typical layout of the Citation Longitude includes seating for 8-9 in configurations that include 4 club seats, along with 2 forward facing seats and a couch. Being that the Citation Longitude is capable of intercontinental flights, the couch and fully reclining, forward facing seats are perfect for catching some Zzzs. The aft section of the cabin has a fully enclosed lavatory with access to the luggage compartment. The forward section of the cabin has a fully equipped wet bar and mini galley. Further, the Citation Longitude is pressurized to 5,950 feet while cruising along at 45,000 feet, which brings passengers all the way where the air is nice and smooth.

Cessna Citation Longitude Interior

Length: 25'2"
Width: 6'5"
Height: 6'
Volume: 956' cu
Luggage Volume: 112' cu

Cessna Citation Longitude Exterior

Length: 73'2"
Wingspan: 67'
Height: 19'5"

Cessna Citation Longitude Performance

Range: 4,000 nm
Ceiling: 45,000' 
Max cruising speed: 525 mph
Takeoff Distance: 4,900' 

Note that the performance characteristics for specific aircraft may differ due to tail or operator specific differences or restrictions.

Ideal Routes

Being that the Citation Longitude can carry four passengers and their luggage over 3,500 miles, there are far fewer places that it can’t fly nonstop. This means that the United Kingdom and Europe are easily reachable from the east coast and Hawaii from the west coast nonstop. Conversely, the Citation Longitude is also a great charter aircraft for shorter regional business or family trips, and at the same time, uses shorter runways than larger super-mids and heavy jets.

Maximum Cessna Citation Longitude Range

The maximum range of a Cessna Citation Longitude based in KMKC is shown below. Actual range will vary by number of passengers, baggage and weather conditions.

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