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Cessna Citation Sovereign

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Cessna Citation Sovereign

Impressive performance, legendary reliability, and opulent comfort are what Cessna combined when they developed the Citation Sovereign. Known for its coast-to-coast range, the Citation Sovereign has many of the capabilities of a heavy jet, but with the features that so many seek in a midsize charter aircraft. Those being its ability to access airports with less than 4,000 feet of runway and a considerably lower hourly rate. While the Sovereign is immensely popular with passengers, pilots love it for its modern flight deck, simple layout, and modern systems, which amount to smoother and more pleasant flights.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Exterior Photos

Cessna Citation Sovereign Interior Photos

More than anything, however, is that the Citation Sovereign is adored for its spacious and perfectly organized passenger cabin. It spans an impressive 25’3” in length along with 5’6” in width and 5’7” in height to offer 620 cubic feet of space to stretch out and move around in. While the Sovereign typically carries 5-7 passengers, it can certainly accommodate up to 9. What’s more, the wide leather seats are reclinable and very often can swivel 180 degrees. In the aft section is 135 cubic feet of baggage space, so it has no problem carrying larger items such as golf clubs and skis. The fully enclosed aft lavatory is large enough to move around and change clothes and offers complete privacy with its double sliding doors. The front of the Citation Sovereign boasts an expanded refreshment center and a closet with enough room to hold full-size garment bags.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Interior

Length: 25'3"
Width: 5'6"
Height: 5'8"
Volume: 571' cu
Luggage Volume: 35' cu

Cessna Citation Sovereign Exterior

Length: 63'6"
Wingspan: 63'4"
Height: 20'4"
External Luggage: 200' cu

Cessna Citation Sovereign Performance

Range: 2620 nm
Ceiling: 45,000' 
Normal cruising speed: 516 mph 
Takeoff Distance: 3530' 

Note that the performance characteristics for specific aircraft may differ due to tail or operator specific differences or restrictions.

Ideal Routes

Along with its excellent passenger cabin, the Citation Sovereign has equally impressive performance. Along with the aforementioned runway capabilities, the Sovereign’s range of more than 3,000 miles means it can comfortably complete transcontinental trips across the U.S. With such a range, routes like Santa Barbara to Washington D.C. and Charlotte to San Francisco are no match for the Citation Sovereign. Not only that, but the Sovereign is also a popular choice for international hops like Boston to Cancun and San Diego to Montreal.

Maximum Cessna Citation Sovereign Range

The maximum range of a Cessna Citation Sovereign based in KMKC is shown below. Actual range will vary by number of passengers, baggage and weather conditions.

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