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Midsize jets available for charter from Camber include the Citation Excel XLS, Hawker 800 and Citation Sovereign. All charter aircraft and charter operators are hand-vetted for safety, reliability and customer experience.

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Among one of the most popular jets for private chartering, midsize jets are ideal for passengers looking to travel longer distances, or that simply need extra space for luggage and/or people. Cabins are much larger in a midsize jet and many have a “stand-up” cabin. With this aircraft option, you can use the extra room to stretch out to your comfort, handle business, or enjoy those accompanying you on the flight.

Midsize jets typically seat 6-9 passengers and can travel 2000-3000 miles. In some cases, depending on the number of passengers, amount of luggage, winds, and other factors, midsize jets can do transcontinental flights without a stop. 

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With their larger size, midsize jets are able to offer several enhanced amenities which aren’t always available on smaller aircraft options such as turboprops and light jets. Depending on the model, amenities may include things such as: 

  • Reclining seats, and sometimes, ones which fully recline into beds
  • Reading lights
  • Work tables 
  • Fully enclosed lavatory 
  • Divan
  • Galley

And in some cases: 

  • Entertainment systems and moving maps 
  • Satellite phone

Is a Midsize Jet Right for My Trip?  

If you are looking for a cost effective jet to charter coast to coast, and are needing some extra space, a midsize jet is likely the best option for you. Enjoy the comfort, performance, and efficiency of these highly sought after jets for your next vacation, business trip, or any other reason that has you needing to travel. 

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