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Pilatus PC-24

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Pilatus PC-24 N158AF

N158AF is a Pilatus PC-24 (2020) Light Jet with 6 seats. Typically based for private charter at KPSM (Portsmouth International at Pease Airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States), N158AF has a recommended endurance of up to 4 comfortable flight hours at a cruise speed of up to 401kts for a maximum recommended range of 1604 nautical miles per flight leg.

N158AF can typically reposition up to 2800nm from its home base for picking up passengers for charter flights.

N158AF Exterior Photos

About the Pilatus PC-24

Built by Swiss manufacturer Pilatus, the PC-24 is the long-awaited light jet follow-up to the immensely popular turboprop PC-12. While the PC-12 has been one of the best-selling business aircraft built in recent years, Pilatus wanted to offer an aircraft with greater speed and range, but with the same rugged reliability as its turboprop sibling. This meant access to not only traditional airports, but also the ability to safely get in and out of basic airfields and unimproved airstrips. Against other business jets, which are comparable to a luxury sedan, the Pilatus PC-24 can be seen as the “Range Rover of the Skies.”

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N158AF Interior

Length: 23'
Width: 5'7"
Height: 5'1"
Volume: 501' cu
Luggage Volume: 90' cu

N158AF Exterior

Length: 55'2"
Wingspan: 55'9"
Height: 17'4"

N158AF Specs

  • Tail Number: N158AF
  • Typical Base: KPSM
  • Type: Light Jet
  • Make: Pilatus
  • Model: PC-24
  • Year of Manufacture: 2020
  • Seats: 6

N158AF Performance

  • Typical Cruise Speed: 401 kts
  • Comfortable Endurance: 4 hours
  • Comfortable Range: 1604 nautical miles
  • Minimum Runway: 4500 ft
Note that the performance characteristics above may differ from standard model characteristics due to tail or operator specific differences or restrictions.

Pilatus PC-24 Charter Reviews

5.0 · 2 reviews for N158AF

Daniel flew March, 2021:

Very easy to book our flight. Flexible when we changed the departure time on our return trip. Good follow-up by our contact.

Jean flew July, 2020:

During COVID our needs were complicated. SimpleCharters was soooo helpful, accommodating and had amazing attention to detail. Communication was more than anyone could have asked for.

N158AF Range

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