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Pilatus PC-24

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Pilatus PC-24

Built by Swiss manufacturer Pilatus, the PC-24 is the long-awaited light jet follow-up to the immensely popular turboprop PC-12. While the PC-12 has been one of the best-selling business aircraft built in recent years, Pilatus wanted to offer an aircraft with greater speed and range, but with the same rugged reliability as its turboprop sibling. This meant access to not only traditional airports, but also the ability to safely get in and out of basic airfields and unimproved airstrips. Against other business jets, which are comparable to a luxury sedan, the Pilatus PC-24 can be seen as the “Range Rover of the Skies.”

Pilatus PC-24 Exterior Photos

Pilatus PC-24 Interior Photos

Indeed, the PC-24 is a tough aircraft, however, this does not mean that it lacks the elegance and style of other business jets, quite the contrary. In-fact, the Pilatus PC-24 has been outfitted with luxurious materials that include soft supple leather and stately hardwood trim. It has a flat floor, which greatly increases headroom and makes moving about far easier. The cabin’s aft section has generous storage for luggage and the fore section includes an extensive refreshment center and a fully enclosed lavatory. In terms of size, the 30’ long x 5’1” tall x 5’7” wide cabin offers over 500 cubic feet of space to stretch out, relax, work, or socialize.

Pilatus PC-24 Interior

Length: 23'
Width: 5'7"
Height: 5'1"
Volume: 501' cu
Luggage Volume: 90' cu

Pilatus PC-24 Exterior

Length: 55'2"
Wingspan: 55'9"
Height: 17'4"

Pilatus PC-24 Performance

Range: 2000 nm
Ceiling: 45,000' 
Max cruising speed: 506 mph
Takeoff Distance: 2930' 

Note that the performance characteristics for specific aircraft may differ due to tail or operator specific differences or restrictions.

Ideal Routes

Most often, when considering the range of a business jet, the primary considerations are miles flown and runway capability. Make no mistake that the PC-24 has an impressive 2000 mile range. This makes trips such as Denver to Orlando or Phoenix to Atlanta a breeze. What makes it so unique is its ability to access not only paved runways, but also gravel and grass airstrips. Needing under 3000 feet to take off, and with its aforementioned runway capabilities, the Pilatus PC-24 can access nearly 10,000 more airports than other charter aircraft.

Maximum Pilatus PC-24 Range

The maximum range of a Pilatus PC-24 based in KMKC is shown below. Actual range will vary by number of passengers, baggage and weather conditions.

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