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Light jets available for charter from Camber include the Pilatus PC-24, Cessna Citation and the Hawker 400. All charter aircraft and charter operators are hand-vetted for safety, reliability and customer experience.

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Charter a Light Jet like the Hawker 400

Light jets are one of the most requested aircraft for private charter for many reasons, but specifically because of their nature of cost, ability to land at nearly any airport, and availability. Light jets provide quick and comfortable travel for passengers looking to access regional destinations, and are a great option for many types of trips.

Light jets seat between 4-6 passengers and can travel a range of 1000 miles up to 2200 miles, depending on the number of passengers, amount of cargo, etc. 

Featured Light Jet Models Available for Charter


The amenities on light jets are more extensive than those of a turboprop, because of the increased amount of space, and may include: 

  • Reclining seats 
  • Reading lights
  • Work tables
  • Refreshment center or mini galley
  • Fully-enclosed or belted lavatory 

Is a Light Jet Right for My Trip?

The light jet is very popular among those who fly private. It has the best bang for your buck when traveling short to mid-range distances, and has the unique ability to land in small or remote locations allowing you to arrive as close as possible to your destination. When flying on a light jet, you will gain an appreciation for their speed, comfort, and performance. If you are looking for a cost effective and efficient jet to charter, a light jet might be the best choice for you. 

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When you are in the market for a cost effective yet comfortable and convenient jet for your next private flight, a light jet may be the right choice for you. A Camber flight advisor is on standby, ready to help you, or better yet -- use our online booking system to browse and book your flight with a few simple clicks. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service booking private charter flights. 

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