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Heavy jets available for charter from Camber include the Challenger 605, Falcon 900 and Gulfstream 450. All charter aircraft and charter operators are hand-vetted for safety, reliability and customer experience.

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Heavy jets are a comfortable and luxurious option for longer distances and often feature sleeping accommodations making it great for international travel. Equipped with ample space for conducting business, or flying with a large group of people, these jets will get you to your destination quickly while you sit back and take in the comfortable ambiance. Often, heavy jets include a personal flight attendant who will be attentive to every detail and your every need to make sure your experience is topclass.

Heavy jets typically seat up to 10 passengers, though they can carry more, it’s not commonly done. The range of heavy jets increases to between 3500-4500 miles and they can be used for transcontinental and some intercontinental trips including Hawaii, depending on the departure point. 

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Unlike smaller aircraft options, heavy jets feature “zones” on the aircraft, meaning separate and distinct areas. They can include complete galleys capable of full meal services. There can also be dining and sleeping areas, and even at times, a bedroom. While it is certainly not required, there are often flight attendants on-board heavy jets. Possibile amenities aboard a heavy jet can include: 

  • Reclining seats, and sometimes, ones which fully recline into beds
  • Reading lights
  • Work tables 
  • Fully enclosed lavatory
  • Divan
  • Galley

And in some cases: 

  • Entertainment systems and moving maps
  • Satellite phone

Is a Heavy Jet Right for My Trip?  

If you are looking for long distance travel, a heavy jet may be the best fit for you. Holding up to 10 people and featuring a ton of space for cargo, these jets will get you to your destination quickly and incredibly comfortably.

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