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What is a Private Airport FBO?

Charles Denault Friday, September 20th 2019 airports, fbo, Knowledge Base

The private aviation experience begins not at the plane, but when you arrive to the FBO. Below we've outlined everything you need to know about the FBO and how it will benefit your private jet flight. What Exactly is an FBO? Unlike commercial airlines with about 600 serviceable airports in ...

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Private Jet Range Comparison: How Far Can a Private Jet Fly?

Charles Denault Sunday, April 14th 2019 breakdown, comparison, Knowledge Base, Resources, turboprop

It's a common question we receive... can I make that flight nonstop? In the private aviation world, it's all about efficiency and saving time. So instead of spending an entire day traveling, private jets enable you to get in and out of your destination as quickly as you need to. ...

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What Size Private Jet Do I Need for My Charter Flight?

Charles Denault Friday, March 22nd 2019 Knowledge Base, private aviation, travel turboprop

At a fundamental level, there are two considerations you need to make to decide what size private jet you need for your next flight: Duration and Passengers. Of course it's more involved than that, but that's the basis of the determination. Are you looking for nonstop private flights? While nonstop ...

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How to Fly Private in 2019

Charles Denault Saturday, December 15th 2018 Aviation, Blog, Knowledge Base, private jet cost, private jets, Resources

Chartering an aircraft can be a time consuming process, and unfortunately many people will come across misinformation from less than reputable sources online. Our goal at SimpleCharters is to enable our clients to book private jet flights as efficiently and safely as possible. The first step is to understand the ...

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Private Jet Hire: What You Need to Know

Charles Denault Wednesday, October 10th 2018 Knowledge Base, private aviation, private jets, Resources, safety, turboprop

Before you hire your next private jet, there's certain things you need to know in order to make an informed decision. In this diverse industry, comparing numbers isn't always apples-to-apples. We've broken it down for you here. Private Jet Quality To start with, make sure you know who you're hiring. ...

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