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A New Private Jet Booking Experience

Charles Denault Thursday, November 1st 2018 private aviation, checkout, Engineering, simplecharters, experience

At SimpleCharters, continuous improvement has always been a core pillar of our approach of building technology. Today I'm excited to announce a major overhaul to our checkout experience. It's currently rolling out to all users globally over the next week. Our new checkout is designed to make it easier to ...

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Booking Private Aviation Just Got Even Easier

Charles Denault Thursday, February 8th 2018 private aviation, Engineering

Flying private has its perks-- you fly direct, enjoy total privacy, and travel on your schedule. It's always more efficient to travel privately than the airlines, especially for quick turns or multi-city trips. It's also undeniably luxurious, with incredible amenities and concierge service. But one thing has always stood out-- ...

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Introducing Our Universal Scheduling Software Interface For Charter Operators

Charles Denault Thursday, December 7th 2017 Charter Operators, Blog, Press Releases, Engineering

SimpleCharters Now Integrates with Nearly Any Scheduling Software through Standardized Format SimpleCharters announced today the ability to support dynamic integration methods, using the popular .ics (RFC 5545) internet standard. The utilization of this new standard, which works with every major scheduling software application, whether it’s Google Calendar® or sophisticated in-house ...

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How to Pay for a Private Jet Flight Using Several New Payment Options

Charles Denault Tuesday, November 21st 2017 Blog, Press Releases, Engineering, bank, bitcoin, balance, billing, cost, credit cards, payment, wire transfer

At SimpleCharters, we have continually pushed the envelope when it comes to the charter flight booking experience, from availability to payment methods. It started by creating an availability engine that connects with all of our partner operators to understand where their aircraft are, where they will be, and when they're ...

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16,000 Unique Private Jet Routes Visualized

Charles Denault Saturday, November 11th 2017 Aviation, Engineering, luxury travel, Tags Blog

We routinely examine the data on SimpleCharters to understand the needs of our users. In our last analysis, we examined over 100,000 unique itineraries and found that they consisted of over 16,000 unique city-pairs. We assembled the data into a visualization and the results were staggering. When an itinerary is ...

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New Photo Editing & Management Features

Charles Denault Monday, November 6th 2017 Charter Operators, Blog, Engineering

At last! A long requested update we've finally brought to your operator dashboard in SimpleCharters. You can now edit your photos with ease, right from the dashboard. Never again have to download, open in Photoshop, touch up, adjust, and re-upload. We've incorporated the amazing set of tools from Adobe right ...

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