New Photo Editing & Management Features

New Photo Editing & Management Features

Charles Denault Monday, November 6th 2017 Blog, Charter Operators, Engineering

At last! A long requested update we've finally brought to your operator dashboard in SimpleCharters. You can now edit your photos with ease, right from the dashboard. Never again have to download, open in Photoshop, touch up, adjust, and re-upload. We've incorporated the amazing set of tools from Adobe right into your dashboard. You can edit your existing photos, or upload new ones. We take care of the aspect ratio for you, ensuring you can capture the best angles of your aircraft.


We've also made slight adjustments to how your aircraft photos are displayed. See below:


It's just one more way we're making SimpleCharters the best experience possible, for both operators and customers alike. If there's any other features you'd like to see added, feel free to let us know!

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