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Private Charter Summer Sale on Funded Accounts

Funded Account Summer Sale Starts Now

Emily Nilles Friday, July 15th 2022 private charter, summer sale, funded accounts

We all love the summer stuff. Whether that summer stuff is spending time with family and friends, or relaxing on the beach in blissful solitude, there is something good everyone wants to do this summer. At Camber, we make it our daily mission to help our customers get right to ...

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3 Reasons You Should Fly Private in 2022

Emily Nilles Friday, June 17th 2022 charter a private flight, fly private

2022 has been another year for the books so far, with both good and frustrating things impacting our economy, travel, and general day-to-day life. The private aviation industry remains busier than ever, as more people continue to prefer to fly private over commercial. Rising fuel prices have led to dramatic ...

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Private Flight Booking for Challenger 605 Charter

Feeling Tropical? Charter a Challenger 605 for Your Beach Vacation

Emily Nilles Friday, April 29th 2022 private flight booking, challenger 605 charter

Camber has become the destination for private flight booking largely in part to the ease of use of our platform, but also due to the vast assortment of aircraft that you can book for private charters with us. One of the most popular requests we have is for the Challenger ...

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Jet Charter Partner: Fill Empty Legs with Camber

Top 3 Reasons to Partner with Camber

Emily Nilles Wednesday, April 27th 2022 jet charter partner, fill empty legs

Working with Camber provides a unique opportunity for charter operators to increase the efficiency of their operation, from managing their fleet’s schedule to reducing quote fatigue at their charter desk. With this said, one of the first questions we hear from prospective jet charter partners is how will working with ...

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Private Charter Flights for Sports Events

Get Right to the Sports Stuff This Spring with Camber

Emily Nilles Monday, March 28th 2022 private charter flights, sports events

The beginning of spring is always such a welcoming feeling. It signals the start of warmer weather and all the possibilities that spring and summer travel holds. Whether you are a sports fan, desiring a beach vacation, or planning a golf trip, a private charter is the perfect mode of ...

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Charter Operators: Charter Flight Booking with Camber

How the Camber Platform is Changing the Game for Boomerang Air Charter

Emily Nilles Monday, March 7th 2022 Charter Operators, charter flight

The secret to Camber’s success is the mutually beneficial relationships we have with our operating partners. When integrated with the Camber Connected Fleet™ , charter operators, such as Boomerang Air Charter, can enjoy filling flights that match the availability within their fleet’s schedule, including empty legs and repositions that would ...

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Flying Private with Camber

Here When You Need Us: Benefits of Working with Our Flight Advisors

Emily Nilles Wednesday, February 23rd 2022 flying private, booking a charter flight

When it comes to flying private, the team at Camber wants to make things as easy as possible. We designed our entire platform around the concept that you should have everything you need to book a charter flight right at your fingertips. Using the Camber platform makes booking a flight ...

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Charter Flight Resources

Camber: A New Experience for Airbrock Management & Charter

Emily Nilles Thursday, February 10th 2022 Charter Operators, charter flight

Partnering with Camber allows charter operators such as Airbrock Management & Charter to easily fill flights that suit their fleet’s schedule, as well as harder-to-book empty legs and other repositions. The Camber platform is intuitive and provides the best online charter booking experience for customers, which in turn, leads to ...

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Private Charter Booking with Camber

Camber Has Landed

Emily Nilles Friday, January 21st 2022 private charter booking, fly private

The concept of getting you from A to B has great significance for us. We know that wherever you are going is for a good reason, and the process of getting there should not be difficult. Camber is a platform for all types of private fliers. Whether you are new ...

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High Charter Flight Search Volume

Why Does SimpleCharters Have Such a High Conversion Rate?

Emily Nilles Monday, November 15th 2021 charter marketplace, confirmed trips

One of the most common questions we get asked by charter operators new to working with us is: why does SimpleCharters have such a high conversion rate? The answer is simple: client search volume. Charter clients are searching for more than 1,500 specific trips per day on the SimpleCharters website ...

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