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SimpleCharters to Camber

SimpleCharters Is Our Past. Camber Is Our Future.

We may have a new name, but our mission and values have not changed. Learn more about how SimpleCharters became Camber from our CEO, Charles Denault III. 

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When you have an idea, you hope it will end up being a great idea. 

Nearly a decade ago, I had an idea that has now forever changed not only my life, but the private aviation industry as a whole.  

SimpleCharters ended up being a great idea and I am so proud of what this company and my team has accomplished, especially in the last couple years. We started out simply wanting to make booking a private charter easy and transparent for customers. 

We knew people deserved more from the private aviation industry-more flexibility, more transparency, and more trust. Now that we have accomplished that, we realized SimpleCharters itself had become something more. 

SimpleCharters’ platform started as a simple solution to many flaws in booking private charters and has now become a completely unique piece of technology capable of providing unmatched pricing and service to our customers and operating partners alike. 

With that said, it no longer felt right to call us “Simple.” 

This is where Camber was born. 

In knowing it was time to update our name, our team spent countless hours offline and several on video chat, trying to determine what name encompassed who we now are as a company and brand. Camber was brought into play and it instantly resonated with my vision for the company’s future. 

In aerodynamics, Camber is the extent of curvature of an airfoil on a wing. In high performance racing, Camber is the angle of a race track enabling vehicles to maintain such high speeds around turns. But for private aviation, Camber is now the trusted 3rd party working in the best interests of charter clients, charter operators, and charter brokers alike.

For us as a company, it means that we help you get right to good stuff, important stuff, or life-changing stuff, as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

I can tell you what Camber and this company mean to me, but ultimately, we are here to serve you. We want to build this brand around our current customers who have made us so successful and all the customers out there we have yet to meet. Camber is our journey and I look forward to where it will take us all. 

Kind regards,

Charles Denault Signature Charles Denault Founder & CEO

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