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Unlike most sites, SimpleCharters (renamed Camber in December 2021) isn’t just offering estimates. It’s offering hard quotes – actual prices you can buy. Enter your credit card and you’re good to go. The prices are guaranteed, and so is service recovery with no additional cost.

Camber (formerly SimpleCharters) featured in Forbes on Booking Private Jet Charters Online

Get Right to the Good Stuff.

We never planned to disrupt the private aviation industry as much as we have, but boy, are we glad we did. Booking a private jet and charter flight online was never easy, until Camber, formerly SimpleCharters, came along. Our platform has served customers for nearly 9 years, providing a solution to many of the issues commonly encountered in private aviation. 

Camber evolved as a way to avoid the hassle of traditional charter booking and to allow you to get right to the good stuff. With no barriers to entry, you can have a private flight booked, in the aircraft type of your choice, in no time. Whether your travels are leading you to good stuff, important stuff, work stuff, life-changing stuff, or fun stuff, Camber is the place to start your journey. 

We are a company that values honesty, innovation, and above all else, excellence in everything we do. From providing unbeatable pricing to customer service catered to your needs, Camber is the present and future of private jet and charter flight booking. Let us help you find the perfect aircraft to complete your trip. Reach out to one of our flight advisors today!

About Us

Our Company Pillars


We’re big on aviation puns here at Camber, but this one is no joke. Our namesake is the curvature on the airfoil of the wing which allows for liftoff. The experience of booking and flying with Camber is elevated in every aspect. This is our promise to you, to provide the highest level of service and get you to your next desired destination as efficiently as possible.


You are unique and so is our team. We know you are real people, with real lives that never stop moving. This is why we don’t mess around when it comes to the service we provide. Every layer of the Camber experience is designed with honesty, transparency, and flexibility in mind, because why would you fly with a company that doesn’t embody those qualities?


Things happen. Plans change. We know that things are not perfect, so when you need to reschedule a flight, need special accommodations, or have any requests, you can talk to us. When you book a flight with us, we want you to know you are part of the Camber family and we will work tirelessly to ensure every encounter with us exceeds your expectations.


Long gone are the days of handling a trip itinerary on paper. The Camber platform is a modern solution for customers and operators who want to work towards the future, not the past. The technology we have developed lets you search from “A to B,” and book the right flight and aircraft for you, instantly. It doesn’t get any more modern than that.

Let us show you how chartering a private flight should be.

However you found us, whether you are an existing customer or looking for something new to escape your jet card or membership, we are glad you are here. Our platform is unlike any other in the private aviation industry and we know it will soon become your go-to for planning every trip you take. Try it out for yourself and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about private jet and charter flight booking with Camber.

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